shutterstock_322534820Beach season is just around the corner, and that means short shorts, swimsuits, and sundresses. Summer bodies are made in the winter, but we know that isn’t always a realistic strategy. You might be finding yourself in a time crunch right now as the temperatures start to heat up; cellulite is probably one of the more prominent issues on your mind.

Cellulite is nothing more than a layer of waste and fat beneath the skin that appears bumpy. This happens when the body’s lymphatic system doesn’t properly get rid of waste. The fat cells swell and tug on connective tissue, causing the skin to pucker. Having cellulite doesn’t mean you’re overweight though. People – mostly women – of all sizes can have it.

For the most part, there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate cellulite. But here are five things you can do to reduce its appearance:

Drink more water

The easiest way to reduce cellulite is drinking more water. Staying hydrated improves the texture of skin and helps flush out excess fat, fluid, and toxins from your body.


Truth be told, cellulite is a type of fat. One of the best ways to reduce fat is to exercise. A combination of cardio (to burn fat) and strength training (to build muscle) will help you slowly reduce cellulite.

Eat detoxing foods

A well-balanced diet is also key to maintaining a healthy body weight. Detoxifying foods that are full of fiber (like fruits and vegetables) help remove waste and toxins from your body, diminishing the appearance of cellulite.

Get massages

Massaging troublesome areas can stimulate circulation, which breaks up the fluids beneath the skin, leaving you with a smoother surface.

Use contouring products

Finish off your cellulite-busting routine with natural products that are specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of bumps and dimples. Doctor D. Schwab’s Slim & Trim® line uses plant-derived ingredients like papaya, coffee, green tea, and lactic acid to give the skin a tighter, contoured appearance naturally.

Apply Slim & Trim® Liposomal Velvet® Contour Body Cream every morning. Aside from the enzymatic exfoliating action of pineapple and papaya extracts, the cream uses shea butter, aloe, and avocado oil to hydrate and give the appearance of smoother, more elastic skin. Use it at the start of every morning for an instant tightening sensation and a day of silky, moisturized skin.

Getting rid of cellulite is a time commitment. It takes time for the skin to look firmer and smoother, but if you’re applying the Slim & Trim®Liposomal Velvet® Contour Body Cream consistently, you will start seeing results. If you’re serious about getting your body looking its best in time for summer, combine the Doctor D. Schwab’s Slim & Trim® Body Cream with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and  loads of water.

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