fluid drops down from leaf as symbol for alternative herbal medicineA quick glance at a health magazine or lifestyle blog will tell you that essential oils are in. These natural elixirs aren’t anything new though—they’ve been used for many different purposes across several different cultures for thousands of years. But what makes them so popular now?

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated essences of plants, collected through the processes of fermentation and distillation. Every plant has a healing or poisonous remedy and companies that specialize in extracting the oil have to be extremely careful there is no poisonous element in the oil when it is delivered to the customer. On top of that, the formulating chemists need to know the proper mix of essential oils in order to produce the desired results, like reducing irritation, producing aromatherapy properties, or even relieving pain.

Why do natural ingredients matter?

The health and beauty industries have always been a science. Many products have hyped-up claims of “miracles” and quick fixes that are often backed by a list of artificial chemicals. These synthetic ingredients can build up since the body’s lymphatic system does not eliminate those toxins as easily or effectively as it does natural ingredients and by-products. By using products solely made of natural ingredients, you can reduce long-term side effects and keep your body healthy.

Doctor D. Schwab’s line of pain relief products focuses on using wholly natural ingredients to ease pain. Geranium, ginger, and bergamot act as stimulators to relieve pain and encourage healing. Sage and tea tree oils are included for their calming properties and rosemary elicits a relaxing scent. Finally, capsicum activates the mixture of essential oils to warm the skin, and hops flowers keep the skin from itching after it goes from warm to cool.

The combination of these natural ingredients provides a natural pain relief remedy to aching joints and muscles. Harnessing the natural power of its ingredients, Doctor D. Schwab delivers Weh Weh products in two forms for more targeted relief depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing.

Weh Weh Natural Pain Relief Oil

As an oil, the ingredients are highly concentrated and give instant relief to more chronic pain, often caused by diabetes or extreme arthritis. Since it’s so potent, you’re able to use very little before you start feeling its warming effects.

The key to using Doctor D. Schwab’s Weh Weh Natural Pain Relief Oil is to use very little. The oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, so you can control the amount used with each application.

Place just a few drops onto the aching spot then massage the oil into your skin. Peppers within the oil warm the skin to release any pain or pressure. Once it’s applied though, it’s important to immediately wash your hands, since the active ingredients can irritate more sensitive areas (like your face or eyes) and any excess can stain clothing.

Weh Weh Natural Pain Relief Gel

As opposed to chronic pains, the Weh Weh Natural Pain Relief Gel is suitable for relieving sore muscles caused by overuse or strenuous exercise. While the oil has a warming effect, the gel has a cooling effect and works like ice to cool down skin and release the pain in the sore muscles. Think about it like this: when an athlete twists his or her ankle or pulls a shoulder muscle, the first thing he or she does is apply ice – the gel works similarly.

It’s formulated to provide instant relief, with its active ingredient, menthol, going to work immediately upon application. Its quick penetration also means it absorbs into the skin quickly, so you can get on with your active lifestyle without any pain (or worries of stained clothing).

Regardless of the pain you’re feeling, Doctor D. Schwab can help you alleviate it. Stop letting pain stop you, and purchase the Weh Weh Natural Pain Relief Gel or Oil today. To find out more about the importance of natural ingredients, connect with Doctor D. Schwab on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.