dds-chemo-blog-imageFew things are as traumatic to the body as battling cancer and going through chemotherapy or radiation. Aside from killing the cancer cells, treatments can leave patients with unwanted side effects, like extremely dry skin.

Because chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cancer cells, healthy cells (like skin cells) can become collateral damage. Radiation, on the other hand, damages any cells (including skin cells) that cross the path of the radiation beam. Skin ends up becoming dry and damaged because the cancer treatments affect the normal cell turnover, so there are fewer fresh skin cells to maintain healthy levels.

Dry skin isn’t the only issue, though; chemotherapy and radiation can also leave skin more sensitive and easily irritated during and after treatments. Because of the stress and aggression your skin is going through, it’s best to stay away from chemical ingredients that can further aggravate your skin. Nourishing, natural products can better help the skin return to a healthy look.

Rescue Cream

Since dry, irritated skin is the most common skin concern cancer patients experience after therapy, a hydrating product like Doctor D. Schwab’s Rescue Cream can counteract those adverse reactions, and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation. The rich emollient is formulated for extreme dryness and designed for men and women who are going through or have just finished extreme cancer treatments like chemo or radiation. Its soothing botanical extracts and oils work together to soothe skin and restore essential moisture.

You can use the Rescue Cream anywhere your skin is extremely dehydrated and dry. Richer than an everyday facial moisturizer, the thick formula seals the surface of the skin. It creates a moisture barrier, locking in hydration and protecting your skin against free radicals and environmental stressors, which can further lead to a dull, aged, and tired appearance.

Intensive Hand Cream

Oftentimes, extensive hand washing—needed to keep bacteria at bay and help cancer patients avoid getting infections—can lead to hands feeling extremely dry and sometimes even cracking. Applying a non-greasy hand cream after washing can lock in moisture and soften the skin. The Intensive Hand Cream hydrates with natural botanicals and ingredients like shea butter and safflower seed oil. The rich cream is also infused with lavender oil and green tea extract to help protect sensitive skin against free radicals, while evening primrose oil helps revitalize tired, chemo-treated skin.

Arnica Mask

Doctor D. Schwab’s Arnica Mask is another natural product that offers extreme hydration to aggravated and traumatized skin. The calming mask is made with a bioactive compound of Arnica montana flower extract, highly concentrated peptides, and grape stem cell extract to alleviate the effects of dry, red, and upset skin that develop through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It can be used a few times a week as a mask, or massaged into skin as a moisturizer.

While natural products and soothing ingredients can offer relief to the dryness and irritation caused by chemo and radiation, cancer patients can also take other steps to reduce dryness and sensitivity. Avoiding hot showers and baths, staying hydrated, and remembering to apply sunscreen every day can help prevent discomfort.

Skin that’s been through chemotherapy and radiation should always be handled with care. Natural ingredients can offer gentle hydration and relief to patients who are experiencing the enormous challenges and awful side effects that come from battling cancer. To get your restorative products and find out how Doctor D. Schwab gives back to the cancer community, visit us online.