DDS Kitchen ArticleTypically, beauty products are isolated to the bathroom, vanity, or bedroom. It’s unheard of to keep a stash of products near the kitchen sink, but Doctor D. Schwab’s Rescue Cream deserves a spot between your pots, pans, and recipe book.

Because the kitchen is a place ripe for mishaps—from boiling water to piping hot pans—it’s essential to have a product nearby to rescue your skin when things go awry.

Rescue Cream

Doctor D. Schwab customer, Cheryl R., shares how useful the Rescue Cream was for her after a mishap in the kitchen:

“Rescue Cream saved me this weekend after a hot oil burn to my hand. I always keep a jar in my handbag. After a freak happening while moving a pot of hot oil, I cooled down my hand with cool running water and then applied a thick layer of the balm. After the initial burning feeling, the pain stopped, and most of the redness went away. Still applying regularly, the worst spots are isolated, but NO blistering or surface skin damage. It’s magic!”

The ultra-soothing cream was originally developed after Doctor D. Schwab began receiving requests from gardeners who wanted an intense moisturizer for their extremely dry hands. In 2001, the scientists and estheticians on the team realized that the cream also helps to soothe burns. Later that year, Doctor D. Schwab donated boxes of the Rescue Cream to firefighters and first responders of the September 11 attacks to help soothe their burned and parched skin.

So if you have an accident in the kitchen, the Rescue Cream is carefully formulated to save your skin. After a burn, clean the skin and apply a layer of the cream to the affected area, but do not massage in. You can continue to reapply the emollient at night until your skin has healed. The powerful ingredients will immediately go to work to start restoring moisture and soothing your skin. Botanical extracts, safflower, almond, and avocado oils combine to significantly reduce the appearance of redness, irritation, and trauma, sealing the surface of the skin to allow the natural healing and regeneration process to begin.

Bonus Product: Intensive Hand Cream

The Rescue Cream earns its place in the kitchen by being ideal for burns and other extreme damage. But Doctor D. Schwab has one more product from one of its exclusive clinical collection, that should be kept alongside it in the kitchen. The Intensive Hand Cream can be used to keep your hands moisturized between dish washing and food preparation.

Its main ingredients—shea butter, alpha bright peptides, safflower seed, and fruit oils—moisturize and soften the skin without leaving it feeling wet or greasy. Other ingredients, like lavender oil, ginger, and green tea extract, are natural antioxidants that fight against free radicals and the appearance of aging while rejuvenating the skin. So while the hand cream’s primary purpose is to hydrate and relieve dry, chalky hands, it also reduces the appearance of age spots to make your hands look more youthful and revitalized.

While the kitchen may not seem like the most obvious choice for keeping beauty products, the Rescue Cream, and even the Intensive Hand Cream, will ease the frustrations when accidents happen. Join our community and share your Rescue Cream stories on our Facebook page, or leave a review of how it helped you on the Doctor D. Schwab website.